Hello There!

Posted on: January 3, 2009

AoA, I just thought to take the online journey beyond Chowk. Besides, kaafi taanay bhi sun chukka therefore here comes the BETA version which most probably, will remain BETA always as myself…


27 Responses to "Hello There!"

DMC?:s :$ What’s that now?!*innocent smiley*

Kia bataoon?:) Main tow filhal banane ki koshishon me he hon sirf. Abhi mazeed 3 saal ka arsa darkar hai mujhe tow!:)

good luck then. 🙂

Injaaye the Tenure to the fullest!!!

Aik baat poochon?!

yes please!!! 😮

What exactly is ‘enjoyment’? It’s something which has been REALLY pinching me from past many months, when at different occasions, am being asked that whether I enjoyed or not. And I, since my childhood, ALWAYS wonder that WHAT exactly is this feeling? I can feel myself be happy, satisfied, contented, melancholic and much others but what feeling is this ‘enjoyment’?:S And how can one sense its ecstasy?

I guess its not much different from happiness, satisfaction etc you mentioned above. in my opinion, it’s the feeling experienced when your wishes comes true. occurrence of mann-chahi. the feeling you cherish anytime later with no gunjaayaish of this “kaash” word…

btw I believe that wishing to experience such time becomes ideal … which may never be possible in actual yet the closer, the better….

Ermmm 🙂

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