Kabhi Aanso, Kabhi Khushbo

Posted on: January 15, 2009

I am happy with this of my nature to keep a fav. song on repeat till I feel content with it. I am listening to music from this folder after quite sometime. I don’t like leaving office tonight & go home. I would like this song on repeat for an hour or so, more. As a precautionary measure, let me transfer it to the cell phone as well. I may feel the need to listen to it at night.

Wonder why there is this pensiveness in mood today. Perhaps, due to the gloomy weather, missing ammi & homies so very much. The land line at parents’ is also not working. Damn PTCheL !!! It was good to talk to sis in the afternoon. She told that she will be visiting parents in few days.


6 Responses to "Kabhi Aanso, Kabhi Khushbo"

Which song is that?
In my case I’m not tiring humming ‘nahi hay ye pyaar’ by Haroon. I can’t the describe the sweet pain that oozes out of this song.

Wada koi poora nahi, yehi wafa hay kya!
Sochon may tum ab raat din, yehi saza hay kya!
nahi hay ye pyaar, jana!

Pata nahi… its sung by XYZ female singer & Pankaj Udhaas. The slow, melodious tune just clicked…. Mostly, its the tunes I remember. Music composition is more important that lyrics, I believe.

I would like to check this song of Haroon. Though, I don’t like his songs so very much except few of his earlier times; the mehbooba’s album. That pyramids vali video is good.

& here’s the link to the above song. The female singer seems Sadhna Sargam.

Hey, I didn’t know you have started your blog on wordpress too
Welcome! πŸ™‚
I have (recently) developed the same habit of listening to a favorite song continuously until I am bored of it πŸ˜€

Fanx, I had to start one, u know. πŸ˜‰ And soon, I am going to have a chatting room as well BUT only for meditation. πŸ™‚

& fav. songs remain fav…. the taste develop again after sometime. The main problem with me is that I can’t listen to most of the fav. songs anytime/anywhere. It takes me back to where I had listened to that song for the first time at certain occasion/weather. 😦 But then I always find some songie I like to listen to…. it just needs to be in access.


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