M for ‘Mad’, M for Mommies

Posted on: January 21, 2009

I have been missing home, lately and may plan a visit. I miss it the most during morning walk. The sweet smell of parathaz being prepared for school going kids by their sweet mommies intensifies the feeling. I have been particularly observing a mommy who would stand in the balcony unless her son crosses the corner & be out of sight to go to school. It happens to be quite early. She would get up earlier than that to prepare breakfast, clothes etc for him. This is just nothing, mommies normally go through & that too willingly which makes me wonder a lot. I may never understand that.
How confident one feels about anything related to his mother. It can be used anytime, anywhere & anyway without the fear of being questioned or stopped. She would always be there as the last hope. Lately, the visiting friend needed money in addition to the usual pocket money from daddy’s end for something he couldn’t make it public as well. He was pretty worried. But when I made it back to my place in the evening, he told smilingly , “Ammi Zindabad”. I have come across countless examples as such.

I even wonder about Fathers too though not all. At times, it scares to be one myself. I don’t think to qualify, by those standards. I feel pretty selfish & less confident to do as much as done by my father or I see people of our generation receiving from our fathers’ generation in general.


6 Responses to "M for ‘Mad’, M for Mommies"

I know only one thing that mommies are great πŸ™‚

I too feel I’d be a disastrous mom but you know everything changes once people become mom and dad. They begin to feel the responsibility so that transition is quite natural.

Don’t worry, you’ll be a great dad! ;o)

acha!!! then I would like to be one, soon. πŸ™‚

I would like to have only 1 kid, ideal w.r.t my easiness. But s/he ‘d feel lonely tau let ’em be two. Now the two ‘d fight with no referee around so there comes a referee too. Iss liye I would like to have max. 3 kids.

PS: Monsieur Farhan, why the comments option on your blog is disabled, posti.

Lol@ your thought!:D

Adding you to my blogroll!:)

am honored, thx. πŸ™‚

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