Sleepless in …

Posted on: January 26, 2009

Maut ka ik din mu’ayyan hay
Neend Kyon Raat bhar nahi aati

Ok, I don’t actually mean the above, particularly the first misra. itna burra haal nahi hai but neend nada’rad after making so much effort. It’s getting tense because I won’t be able to get up early then. It would not be the case, had I not remained in bed the whole day except lunch, namaz & dinner breaks. That’s pretty unusual of me. I ‘v read somewhere that neend zabardasti nai aati. I called it a day after wasting 2 hrs. in the effort. Thus I am online at this odd hour. It had never been an odd hr. back in univ. times. I have been missing my old buddies so very much. We would mostly chat on mIRC iss waqt. Ok not all but me & iNcOgNiTa, at times the others too. So a while ago, I logged in to mIRC after quiiite sometime. Just to see k vahan kia ho raha hay. All the channels we used to join were found deserted except one dash person of those times… guess who?!?… yes Scorpion… incognita ka ‘best’ friend. mera sirf ‘good’ friend tha. 🙂 I couldn’t resist to respond when he msged. Actually he was surprised to see someone in his channel. I thought to maloomify k what he is upto, aaj kal? He is working on some construction related project in taxila. cool. I told, it was Azure here. 😉 The damn remembered all of Azure’s nicks.

I soon logged out when nobody messaged me in an hour even after joining so many channels. I was showing the same old attitude; not to message anyone first. There would be exceptions laiken phir bhi….

Koi na koi chaiyayyyyyyy… pyar karnay valaaaa… Koi na koi chaiyeeeey… hum pe marnay valaaaaa. Wonder, this song is repeated for how many times, jab se I have watched it around 9/10 PM. This was the 2nd time, I watched this movie on that particular channel, in a week or two time, I guess. Wish, it was not in black & white. I know the problem was at the cable-vala end. Yet again I didn’t like to change the channel. On another channel, 14 no. vala jiss pe Laughter challenge bhi aata hay, Ajay Dev. + Nana Patekar’s movie was shown. I was following that one before & would switch to the cable’s during commercial breaks only. That movie had quite an engaging story as well… about politicians, ghunday & police. I took that for Ganga-Jal first but nopes, It was different. Then there was SRK’s dashing entry right with the song above, in zamana dewana. It was a tough choice to either watch (listen actually) the song above or watch the other movie. Now I wasn’t missing some pyar karnay vala particularly & also, I ‘d not be loota-ing dil o’ jaan for anyone. I just love the tune, bring some good memories to mind. let me post the link; Koi na koi chaiye, from Zamana Deewana

In the sleeing tip, it was also told to eat something you like. I ‘ll be trying that as well. Thank God I spared few oranges at dinner or what I ‘d do iss burray waqt mein? Oranges are cool for the ocassion as I really wuw them & even if they don’t serve the purpose iss waqt, they certainly ‘ll set the shishu clock & help me getting up in time.


6 Responses to "Sleepless in …"

I never eat oranges at night. Try warm glass of milk sometimes. It helps.

A little correction the song Koi na koi chahiye isn’t from Zamana Deewan. It is from the movie Deewana that was SRK’s first release 😛

indeed you are a big SRK’s pankha… I guess there is one, titled as Zamana Deewana as well. I this was his first & divya bharti’s last.

wonder whats the hikmat in not having oranges at night? Seldom liked it milk & perhaps, that’s why the sensitivity in my teeth now; low calcium. I like milk with Sprite only. Olpers+Sprite makes a very good combination.

Oeeeeyyy you were pretending to be me?! LOL! I hope you didn’t say anything nasty to that nut =P I can’t come on mIRC because me not allowed to install it on official computer =(

nasty?!? nopes, I just said in gilla shikwa tone, “yaar ajeeb banday ho, you have been in taxila aur mujhay ISB mein milnay hee nahi aayay”. He can visit ‘me’ anytime now. 😀

:O Abey I loathe that person!

nai yaar, you should change your opinion about him. I found him pretty changed & matured now.

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