Slumdog Millionaire

Posted on: January 26, 2009

While the movie’s become the talk of the town, I also suddenly decided to watch it on Sat. night. I had copied it from friend’s last week. I was expecting the DHA folks to announce the possible release date in Pakistan but then I have missed so many good movies to watch that way. They do release them but somehow I couldn’t make it there. Mostly due to Azure’s backing out. 🙂 J/K . he doesn’t like Indian movies actually. I have yet to watch RNBJ & GHAJNI in the same chakkar.
I was all sleepy at night then therefore I watched it again, the following day. I just loved everything about it & media seems justified as well to rate the movie so high. It’s really moving.
I can also understand some Indians, being unhappy about the things shown there. They object it to be way too ‘real’. Mind, the point here in not PK vs IND. I know things here are not better either.
It’s also interesting to know that many of the kid stars are for real; belonging to those places.


5 Responses to "Slumdog Millionaire"

Its really good movie.

Man… I didn’t exactly liked the movie. I hated Anil Kapoor mocking the slum kid throughout his show. If they were copying “Who wants to be a millionaire”, which they in fact were then the host of such shows never behave that way!

Anil Kapoor is kind of a Villain na. He was getting jealous & didn’t want the kid to win & so passed on wrong option too.

ab sirf aap k liye SRK ko 2nd chance tau nahi de saktay thay na. 🙂

so far the India had only produced super flous bollywood dance and music and IT….The real cracks are beginning to appear now when you are faced with reality

Well they are perhaps behaving like that proverbial kabootar…

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