To Peshawar & Back

Posted on: February 4, 2009

I had planned to visit Peshawar this weekend. Feb. 05 is Kashmir day, would take Friday, Feb. 6 off & then there is the weekend. But I needed to visit last weekend to attend my uncle, who was hospitalized for a surgery. So I jet off rather daewoo-off for Peshawar on Friday’s night. I should have taken the 11 PM’s bus so that it had made there at reasonable time in the morning & not too early as the 10 PM’s bus did. Mishtake not to make again.
Alhamdulillah, the surgery went well, uncle made it back home on Sunday. I had planned to take Monday off as well but then I changed my mind. I knew there would be so many guests soon & one I won’t feel really at home.
I also visited Peshawar univ. for an evening walk, along with the kids. They love me for that mainly. In fact they are more interested in the coffee-shop market visit later on. I seldom miss that chance also. I always expect weathers earlier than they normally come. So I was expecting the certain flowers at Islamia college & collegiate as I have found their gardeners very efficient. There were few but over all atmosphere was yet pretty calm & wintry. Below are some photos.

Islamia College Main Block - Being Renovated

Islamia College Main Block - Being Renovated

Exams Season perhaps

Exams Season perhaps

I expected em to be biggies by Now

I expected 'em to be biggies by Now

God, Pl. save from the Air Attacks.

God, Pl. save from the Air Attacks.

Islamia Collegiate Main Block

Islamia Collegiate Main Block

I 'll have an Orange Juice too

I'll have an Orange Juice too

She just cant wait to Join us there

She just can't wait to Join us there

Oh Yes...

Oh Yes...




14 Responses to "To Peshawar & Back"

Lovely photos! Reinvigorated my urge to visit Peshawar.

The baby is very cute, mashAllah! 🙂

I will second Aadil…..Beautiful pictures…
Where are you now BMK? You should have taken some pictures from the skies above as well….

Cute kids ! 🙂

BMK, are you serving in PAF? just curious..

The photos are awesome and so are both the kids 🙂

I too was craving to visit Islamia College. I had visited it last year. Coffee shop market… man I would visit it too often when I was a kid 😀

Don’t know what’s so fascinating about it? 🙂

Hehe, nice man.

Fauji-man, BMK is serving in the PAF of spirituality 😉

@ Farhan
That is even better ! 🙂

PAF of spirutality :)…thats a definitely a phrase/term worth exploring….

BMK is in Lahore { sp? @ aadil 🙂 }
BMK is not serving in PAF, hence couldn’t take photos from the skies above.
Last photo added above is one taken from the 3rd floor of this hospital in Hayatabad. A powerful lens instead of samsung D500’s could have probably caught the camp for Bajaur refugees on the other side of Main Road.

& BMK is in the communication sector.

BMK had been thinking of Coffee-shop as Copee-shop for quite sometime due to the very fact that he would only see kaapiyan instead of coffee there. They should have a symbolic outlet. Though pathan love chai more yet again things in university could be different due to so many outsiders.

BMK reminds posti Farhan, the plan to visit walled city of Lahore again.

Oh yesh baybee, I can feel the walled city calling me…

The last photo is amazing indeed! Loved it for the light effect reflecting on the dome of the white building. Its probably taken at the evening with the pinkish sun shedding the orange light. Am I right?

I think bmk flashed a torch on the dome to take the picture =P

not really optiman, it was afternoon but I know it’s due the camera & resizing.

i agree with you

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