Chitrali Bazar – Peshawar

Posted on: February 9, 2009

I just read this report on BBCurdu about Chitrali Bazar, Peshawar. Their business is not doing well nowadays due to bad law & order situation in the region. Its at the back of famous Qissa Khwani Bazar. All these bazars are my favorite & I just love the atmosphere around. One feels the same like in those tales… I buy a Chitrali topi every winter from there. One seldom comes across so dedicated & polite people as of this market. I generally have gone pretty well with the folks from Chitral, so for. Few session fellows in boarding college were from there.

The shop from where I bought a Chitrali Topi, last time

The shop from where I bought a Chitrali Topi, last time

The bazars Main Entrance

The bazar's Main Entrance


17 Responses to "Chitrali Bazar – Peshawar"

I went there once when I was a kid. My father buys such stuff a lot. Chitrali topi and waistcoat made of the same fabric.

As for Chitrali people, some of them have really progressed well in different professions. I know a few of them personally. My experience has been fairly good with them. 🙂

Ooooh such a warm and fuzzy place! I hope they sell hot makaee kay danay there as well.

great stuff BMK…

Yaar mujhey pehlay betaa dita..I would have asked you to get me a chitrali toopee as well…

nice pictures

K, milni tau vaisay bhi next year hee thee jaisa k mein houn & even then you would be real lucky. :p
so let me know now, God willing you get one next year. 🙂
Hey Azure, did I get you the one actually or I just had bragged about it? 😛 Or perhaps mein ne sirf apnay aap se socha tha that I would get you one. Remember, You had a Chitrali topi on, the first time we met in Library. 🙂

& I am confident that there would be folks with makae’ k daanay, around. You def. find mong-phali valaz in Kabuli Bazar which is just next to Qissa Khwani Bazar.

Oh yes you gave a chitrali topi to me. Remember when you used to live in Gulberg Main Market area and I came over to your place one day and we went around walking and doing the ‘dharhey warhey’ thing? (whatever that means!) You gave the topi to me that night =)

Was I wearing a topi when we first met? Hmmm, I guess my love for these topis goes way back.

It’s pretty much like the Rang Mahal area in Lahore but with particular products in each bazar. In Rang mahal & Mochi Gate area, you find almost everything of the sort & the duka’nain are with no particular order as well. These bazars of Peshawar are less polluted too. You may want to include these bazars as well to our proposed visit of walled city; Rang Mahal, Mochi Gate, Delhi Gate, Akbari Mandi, Tibbi City etc…

I remember once I was inside a car parked right next to the bara market where all the plastic stuff was being sold, and all alongside the road infront of the market was a row of butchers with their small makeshift wooden stalls, butchering away at tremendous speed. One butcher would take a bakra and cross the road with it to the other side. I recall that there was a wall of a factory on the other side of the road. He slaughtered the bakra there, skinned it, and then brought it back to the stall to process it further. The sight was so gruesome, and there was so much blood everywhere!

oh man, dhaRaey WaRhey. You have such a memory but you are making things mysterious for the rest. I don’t remember exactly, what we did then? 🙂

Haha 😀 You never told me what dharhey warhey is. We just walked through the ladies market eyeing all the lovlies, who were not eyeing us unfortunately =P

We just walked through the ladies market eyeing all the lovlies, who were not eyeing us unfortunately

@ farhan .. now that you’ve showed us a glimpse of your ghoomna phirna with bmk, let me tell you the meaning of Dharaey Waraey ; both of you tried to shatter/cut through the crowds with your eyes, which were so ineffectual that nobody cared what you were doing 😛

Haha! Is that the real definition? 😀 A bit similar to ‘poondi’ I guess.

Well this glimpse of our past was probably the first and last time we officially went out for dharey warey. Bmk being such a nice and decent guy, how could he engage in such senseless activities with me =P

Did I mention the spontaneity of the last picture!
Well done, BMK! 🙂

Posti Azure, I am such a gentleman. I do that only to let the cool ladies feel better. : )

Optiman, it feels even better when you visit the place. Thanks for explaining the word also.

@bmk .. I must have visited it, rather surely have visited it but a long long time back, a good four years or so, I guess. Ever since I landed in the green city, I rarely have chances to go to Peshawar. I miss it like anything but am very sad for the security situation there, like every sane Pakistani is.
kho pekhawar kho pekhawar de kana! ..

Have you visited this year as well?

I am sure you must have a collection of those chitrali topis now.

Topiya karani bhi aati hain ya bas sirf ikathi karnay ka shoq hay?


Yar, I am learning how to topiyan karana. It’s very important in customer support as some people just don’t want to be approached with logic.

& I did visit Chitrali bazar this yr. I also don’t know where the last yr. topiyan goes except the one taken by a Palestinian friend of a friend in Univ. He liked it very much so the friend gave it him without asking me.

Interestingly, I have been using a same topi for the last 4/5 Yrs. in pind which originally belonged to Abbu. It goes straight to it’s place when my visit is over. I wuw the ladies for so good in taking care of things. : )

Excellent – Excel in that art!

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