Music lately …

Posted on: March 2, 2009

Routine has been pretty busy for the last couple of weeks. Head of the department visited all the three regions including us. iss weekend pe kuch sakun mila hay. I watched part of Ghajni for the 2nd time; the sweet part actually that I would like to watch again & again. I also watched Billu Barber. It’s just okay w.r.t SRK’s standard. Few songs are good though. I guess, Ghajni would have done even better, had they kept the violence a bit less & prolonged the love-story. The female lead role is real strong & very well performed by the not-extraordinary looking actress. You can’t resist to love her instantly. Guzarish & Kaisay Mujhay remained on constant repeat in media-player’s list. Guzarish is also my current Ringtone. It might have remained the most favorite for a bit more time had I not listened to Yuvvraaj’s Tu Muskura & Tu meri doost hay last night. I have no idea about the movie & am not looking forward to watch it too. I am not Salman Khan as well as Katrina Kaif’s fan. But I found these two songs real melodious. I just hope, my colleague doesn’t mind me listening to it non-stop.


8 Responses to "Music lately …"

You are listening to the song on desktop speaker or headphone?!

speaker… headphone khareednay hain yaar. do remind me when we are around Hafeez Centre, kabhi… : )

Kabhi… :<

haan kabhi & u know Y i said that. šŸ™‚

No I don’t =P Tell me why you said that.. huhu..

you doo & very well. šŸ˜›

I am not a great fan of Ghajini. It’s mostly due to violence. But I did like the scene very much when she sells off her old car and gives the money to Aamir for the treatment of his mother. That was a very well executed scene.

Yuvaraaj is nice. I enjoyed it šŸ™‚

And don’t tell I thought Katrina was one of your crushes, how could you miss that one šŸ˜›

You posted a link of ‘Oye, It’s Friday’. I have watched that show, was interesting šŸ˜€

yes, wonder y KK didn’t click. : )

I wasn’t aware of being a host; Farhan Akhtar… He’s really all in one… Yes, DON-2 ki bajayay koi aur film bana le…

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