Sleep Cycle

Posted on: March 5, 2009

I am still feeling TIRED. I have observed that sleep has a particular cycle as well. Day b4 yesterday, I had to stay late in office, left around 11:30 PM for home. I have this ‘problem’ or maybe I have made this myself to believe that if I don’t go to bed before 24 hrs. tau I should forget about sleep for a couple of hrs. more. Consequently not been able to get in time, in the morning as well.
Now since I couldn’t go to bed in time, day b4 yesterday. I did leave early & went to bed in time last night but couldn’t sleep. The talk shows provided a good time-pass till 12 bajjay, uss k baad na neend aayay aur na koi interesting program. Then around 1:30 AM, I tried the drinking a glass of milk nuskha with a change that it was not warm. Don’t expect a posti like me k uss ko pehlay garam karta. It did work as I don’t remember being awoke for more than 15 mins. then.

Anxiously waiting for the weekend to adjust the Cylce. Weekend pe bhi ajeeb syapa hota hay k subha 7 am k baad neend he nahi aati.


11 Responses to "Sleep Cycle"

A good idea is to keep your sleeping habits consistent, because when you sleep at a particular time and wake up at a particular time, your biological clock tunes itself to that time and you start feeling much better.

A glass of milk worked 😀

Next time try reading something when there aren’t any interesting shows on the TV 😛

Yeah, try reading that book I gave you. I know you haven’t finished reading it, so now’s a great time =P

A5- yes, milk glass is a good nuskha for instant neend or perhaps I ‘v started believing in it… : )

the folk tales vali book? aadhi tales paRh lee theen… perhaps kissi ne chura li hay, i guess….koi aur gift karo ab, posti… :p

Yep, as Farhan has already said.. there’s something called ‘Biological Clock’ in humans…A change in routine always results in things like that.
Btw… ap ko weekends par neend nahi aati aur yahan kambakht neend kabhi jaati he nahi 😀

@bmk – You would have to come with me to Readings sometime. Did I ever take you there, that little bookshop on Gulberg main boulevard?

I think Yes… you did… but there wasn’t much raunaq as expected.

Yeah the raunaq is usually seen on weekend mornings. I went there on Saturday mornings a few times and saw people sitting there on the floor and in the corners reading the books.

forget about these boring places… take me to the underground parties at the farms in suburbs… I was reading about in newspaper, the other day. : )

I’m afraid either one of us would have to change our gender if we wish to go there together =P

i guess ab voh condition nahi rahi… we still can pose to be a couple …. 😀

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