Yeeeyyy – Long March

Posted on: March 16, 2009

GEO was not banned at my place. I have manually tuned so didn’t feel the last number per swap karna by cable folks…

Hamray haan bijli nahi thee from 8 am till 2 pm & baad mein shaam tak trip karti rahi due to kite flying….

Yet the long march show was lubly. It was surprising to see, thousands of people on the streets all at once as soon Mian Sb steped out…

am feeling so sleepy… didn’t sleep for a sec. last night… did u guys see the PPP folks changing their statements how soon…. the vizier-e-azam taqreer was just hilarious… shriek chairman did want to restore Ifti Sb laiken dogar sb ki se nahi kar sakay. 😛 they were clean sweep ed…… 3 ppl must doob mar in chullo bhar paani now… Zardari, Rehman Malik & Salman Taseer….


9 Responses to "Yeeeyyy – Long March"

Let’s hope for some serious improvement to the body politic of Pakistan after a whole lot of insult been inflicted upon it by our opportunistic politicians and a moronic military general in the near past.

Those three people must rather try the toilets ….. instead of chullu bhar paani ….. hope you got the point ! 😀

LOL @ shriek chairman 😀 Yes the premier definitely was hilarious, he has always been like that.

Quite an irony! We, probably the most tragedy-struck of the nations are always ruled by comic characters of one or the other kind.

shriek chairman is shrieked down enough to be flushed down into what Cav. is suggesting, easily. : )

Sad but True…aadil. lets have a party of our own… Farhan & u, both wud be shriek chairman rather chairmen. : )

i wud like to be vazir-e-saqafat. 😉

Vazir-e-umoor-e-khawateen =P

@ farhan .. he so nicely fit into the portfolios of saqafat, umoor-e-khawateen, media and information etc 😉 I’d like to give him all the three and he’ll enjoy to his heart’s desire 😉 😆

All is well that ends well (at least for the time being) 😉

Vazir-e-umoor-e-khawateen should only be a woman 😀

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