Zong Anniversary Song & Suno Zara by Greenstar

Posted on: April 7, 2009

I have been loving the two videos very much, lately. The subject is an all time favorite; Families, in the making. 🙂
Any thing related to the inevitable unification of opposite poles in a civilized manner is just lubly… The music composition & video kaancepts is very good.

I am a Mobilink Subsciber yet I would like to keep the ZoNG’s tune for a while.

& the Greenstar One…


2 Responses to "Zong Anniversary Song & Suno Zara by Greenstar"

I am a Telenor subscriber since long.

Is Zong any better in terms of service?

3 paisay ka diff. he lagta hay mujhay tau. you must have seen the 68 paisa & 65 paisa ads. These telcos are so dhokay baaz. I wish authorities ask them to use standard units. second or minutes. yeh 30 sec. kia hota hay. They would also seldom mention the hidden charges.

The very first SIM I got by UFONE was in 2005 when they distributed FREE sims for the first time if you remember. Jazz SIM tab 1500 ki hoti thi perhaps. I was like wow….meri fav. jeans bhi phat gayee thee while getting off the ricksha jiss mein, mein particularly FREE sim lainay jaa raha tha un k davis road franchise se…. Jeans side se phatti thee, i must clarify. 🙂

Telenor was so claiming high about crystal clear voice before launching… kuch arsa tau they were able to deliver laiken load barhnay k saath saath …. they were also hit hard by the cartoon incident… aaj kal tau I just like their ACTIVATE KARNA BAAQI HAY. 😛

I have yet to receive koi khaas feedback about ZONG. News are there that they are planning to buy WARID or MOBILINK. They seem pretty serious about capturing reasonable market share…

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