Awards Season

Posted on: April 8, 2009

Fanx a lot for the Honest Scrap award, Cav & Aadil for Lemonade…… Awards season around… I must also finalize things w.r.t Chaati de Lassi @ Goonga Bhatti de Hatti award soon, which ‘l go to the Posti bloggers insha Allah…

Hope I respond to the Honest Scrap Award, sometime next year provided postiness allows. Also, mandatory thinking about particular something is not for me…voh bhi angraizi mein. It’s very rare that the subject remains in my mind while composing the third or 4th sentence. I guess I should also work out on the urdu nasta’liq fonts to be expressive a bit more. Otherwise I am afraid to win the award myself & then I ‘l be accused of dhaandly. WordPress may also send a show cause notice.


3 Responses to "Awards Season"

Aglaay Saal ? 😀 Chalo aglay saal bhi kar liya to hum samjhein gay ap posti nahi hein ….

You are hilarious 😀

Cav. now don’t set a reminder please… this might be a political correct answer… 🙂

A5… just hilarious? (in the spirit of Monsieur Panda to his Master Shiffu in Kungfu Panda when they are coming back from the training) 😀

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