TUC with Green Tea…

Posted on: May 12, 2009

… is a great combination, found out lately. I am skipping lunch nowadays for no particular reason so I just go for TUC with green tea at workplace. I don’t also like EVERYDAY or PACKET WALAY DOODH ki chai. So the only choice for me is green tea. TANG is an option now in summer but then meray daanT bhi sensitive ho gayay hain & I can’t chew bread ‘confidently’ after having TANG or anything citrus. They have this irritating feeling in there. 😦
Since I just live for food tau I am really worried k aagay kia banay ga with so many restrictions.


6 Responses to "TUC with Green Tea…"

The combination’s good .. very good. I’ve experienced it and it tasted Waah!! 🙂

Oi, did you go to the dentists? I thought you had an appointment waaaaay back. Go there before things get out of hand.

well its all fine if I don’t have anything citrus, so no worries. 🙂
I will see the doc. ik dafa hee so am waiting for few more beemaarya’n. I am having this mild pain in my left leg already.

@diL, i was looking for some combination with green tea since long & finally I found one. I would feel it much when others would have any sort of biscoots, cookies, cake etc with the regular chai…

I miss 50/50…

I think I should also try this combination some time 🙂

Sensitive teeth, hurting leg. What’s the matter?

wonders myself as well k meray saath ki ho rya ey? appointment with the doc. is planned. One of my uncles also suffered from this hurting leg thing. He had to operate it, lately. The doc. told that some critical veins were partly blocked in the backbone area. mein ne seriously plan banaya tha to start regular exercise & sports & get back the athletic form this summer.

Khair, the good news is that now I can have TANG as well. I simply wuwed the mango flavor, the office boy introduced me to lately. Tastes like the classic shezan mango. aaj kal tau voh bhi 2 no. aati hay.

TANG in mango flavor?! I think I saw the ad but I thought it wouldn’t be that good.

Shezan mango… loved it 🙂

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