missing Abbotabad

Posted on: May 20, 2009

… very much. listening to fav. songies I listened to when I was there. Yesterday, I accidentally met a college fellow, who was 3 yrs. junior to me. We were meeting each other after 8/9 years. I was surprised that he spotted me out & recognized from that far. I visited college only once after leaving it in 2000 when I was visiting abbotabad during our final year educational cum excursion trip in 2004. Then too, the posti principal allowed me to visit the admin block only. Perhaps preps were on & he didn’t want that bouyz were disturbed in the hostels. So I couldn’t meet any of the juniors. The 4 yr. junior session would be the senior most then.

Obvious changes in one personality would observed during the 6 Yr. stay at boarding. Students from 7th grade till 12th stay there. The annual house photos explain the physical changes well.

I want to visit the beautiful city again & refresh the golden memories.


2 Responses to "missing Abbotabad"

I too have nice memories of Abbotabad. We used to visit our relatives there in summers.

Since you were in the boarding house so that makes your memories of student life extra special.

For some reason I really fancy the hostel life 🙂

I believe, one must go to hostel (away from home) once in a lifetime, be it for a very limited time period. One learns a lot. It upsets a bit in the beginning yet you get use to it.
I have been feeling pretty content to go through the experience. That’s from bouyz perspective but I guess girls also have fun in hostels, particularly at edu. institutions’ level.

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