To Peshawar & back

Posted on: June 16, 2009

It was a lovely visit to Peshawar as far as things were related to inside the 4 walls. I was back to Lahore this morning. I took Monday as Off beside Sat. & Sunday so it was a looong weekend according to our college principal. Students would really ‘feel’ his calling a two full & a half days weekend thaat long.
Peshawar city was not the usual though. Early closing of markets & less no. of people around. Had a glimpse of the PC hotel as well while passing by. I was afraid that the stupid authority might not close that road for aam janta & act insensitive as it spares one from lot of hassle. I just love the ba’R-o’-ba’r route, bypassing saddar bazar. They have just introduced 2 speed breakers, providing a valid excuse to slow down & …..

My parents have also been shifted to Peshawar lately, so Ammi needed few things urgently. There was no choice other than visiting Karkhana Market; a place to visit by default for particular things. I thought that since I am visiting on monday & not on sunday, hence the deserted look but the dukaandars confirmed similar status for Sundays as well.
There is one good news as well that you ‘l find a reasonable difference in the rates nowadays. Seems, the shopkeepers just want to get rid of the stuff & selling at 0% profit. Provided you are smart & understand the value & condition of the thing, this is the time to visit.

PS: Aadil, I have left a HELLO for you at the tarbooz vala’s near Mardan toll plaza on my way back. Don’t forget to collect. 🙂


6 Responses to "To Peshawar & back"

Really? .. I’ll collect it, come the end of this month. Thankyoo!
Peshawar’s bruised and down but am missing it. I was there last in Feb 2008. Am missing home too; I was last there on June 1st 2009 🙂

Man, it must be disturbing to be shifted from their home in Waziristan to Peshawar. You guys have left all your stuff there or brought all of it to Peshawar? I’ve been reading here and there that the army is preparing for an operation against Baitullah Mehsud there. I hope they kick the feaces out of him 😛

it shouldn’t be much disturbing since most of the family have been in Peshawar already, for quite sometime. Rest it does take some time to adjust to new conditions. Also, ours was a planned shifting regardless the current situation in the region, suddenly gone worst.

Now, I & everyone belonging to the region are anxiously waiting for the military operation there as well. There have been operations earlier too but taken seriously… Probably those were just to show to the outer world that we are in a state of War & receive foreign aid. This time, I feel they, at least want to cut the extra niklay hovay paR if not eradicate them completely….

That’s a nice account of your visit!

Yes, the markets of Peshawar wear a deserted look most of the time and even I am afraid to go for shopping. I just don’t feel comfortable out there.

‘Karkhano market’? :-S Ever since the rise of Mangal Bagh and his men, I haven’t visited that place. I don’t think I’ll go there ever.

Even I am afraid to go for shopping”

Are you in FC, Police or Rescue 15? 🙂

Vaisay, I could only see 2 more ladies beside Ammi & sister in Karkhana mkt. I warned ’em in advance to go at their own risk. Saddar bazar situation is not different as well, according to my sister.

LOL! Thank God I am not in FC, Police or Rescue 15 😀

Generally speaking, one tends to feel insecure going out these days.

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