Google Indic Transliteration

Posted on: July 1, 2009

یہ تو بہت زبردست ہے . اب میں بھی کبھی کبھی بلک اکثر اردو نستعلیق میں پوسٹ کرونگا.

So thats why I say that GOOGLE ROCKS.. They are about to release an Operating System as well. I have been
a great fan of google-minds…


9 Responses to "Google Indic Transliteration"

this is really an incredible feature from google
thumbs up for google
hope we’ll get rid of roman urdu now 🙂

Wow BMK this is really awesome! I have been looking for a ‘phonetic keyboard’ type thingy on the internet but this is even better! No installations required. Just type in your text and voila!

Now only one thing left to do… need to improve this urdu font to something better and more readable. I want to download the ‘nastaliq’ script. Maybe someone already blogging in Urdu might be able to help.

Yes man, I had been wishing to post in Urdu Nasta’leeq for long. Even tried few time with the manual composition of screen-keyboard but in vain. It was such a hassle posting a short comment, perhaps on duffer’s page….اب امید پھر سے جاگ اٹھی ہے. 🙂

I guess they have add-on software for better looking fonts. We just need to search… look, the goray are doing so much & hum sirf baatain. 🙂

آپ اس کے علاوہ بھی اردو لکھ سکتے تھے یا ہیں۔

thanks for introducing to URDUTECH. I must commend the dedication & efforts to promote URDU & urdu script online.

I tried clicking on the link but it says, the link is not valid. Strange message. I too would like to use Urdu font when needed.

It’s fixed now … u better had copy/paste the URL in new TAB. You have also becoming Postier, day by day. not enough updates as well on your blog & teen chaar din baad showing up…

LOL @ becoming postier day by day! Well yeah… aik masla ho tou bataaon. Electricity issues, garmi, other various problems aur phir writer’s block! 😀

Yeah, peshawar se garmi ki khaufnaak khabrain aa rahi hain … monsoon better be here soon ab…

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