Weekend update – SWADES

Posted on: July 13, 2009

I am not much into movies nowadays laiken It was lovely to watch SWADES on star gold, yesterday. I have been pretty lucky to accidentally come across my fav. movies on weekends lately. Luckily it was shown during no load-shedding hrs. otherwise I would have missed a significant part. The other good thing was very few adds during the breaks. They would just let you drink water from the fridge or making sheesho. 🙂

teaching, how to baandh a chaddi, one of fav. scenes...

teaching, how to baandh a chaddi, one of fav. scenes...

The music is excellent as usual by A.R.RAHMAN. No comments required on the subject. Geeta is lubly, I must mention…

lubly field & the beauty - missing pind already

lubly field & the beauty - missing pind already

Then the evening walk in UET was great in company of an old friend. Though it had been very humid since morning laiken it got better a bit in the evening. Late night it became much better. Perhaps the rain effect reached lahore from mandi bahaudin & gujrat sides that they were telling in news k vahan baarish hoi hay. Rain is such a blessing.

It just rained here in Lahore a while ago. The weather has become real pleasant now but I have to stay late tonight due to this Webinar w.r.t new product. I miss taking the holy baths in rain.


9 Responses to "Weekend update – SWADES"

Man, I think you should get some type of smart phone to view all the webinars while on the go.

good idea but i doubt there is any available with broadband internet. The one we have to attend requires kaafi bandwidth speed.

I am still considering the blackberry & have fwded a query to mobilink via admin. They have this deal for corporate clients & offer 25 to 35 % discount.

SWADES – while looking for the dhoti baandhing scene, I also came across some of the deleted scenes here. There must be reasons for not including ’em laiken this one should have been there…

The remaining are also available on youtube. long live Youtube.

That is my all time favorite movie too. And if you notice this is a long movie with duration over three hours but it doesn’t bore you. Interestingly, I was also thinking about it a few days back. May be because of the electricity issues our country has been facing. I have it on DVD but then I didn’t watch it… don’t know why.

I’d soon check the deleted scenes. It is always fun watching them 🙂

at times, I like watching movies on Cable TV more so that I can’t fwd or pause…. Similarly, songs appeal more if being played somewhere out of my access; played at neighbor’s , guzarti hoi GaaRi etc…

My flatmate has this 300 GB space’s HDD; plug n play. I have 160 GB capacity so I have copied kaafi saari movies. laiken I would have watched only 3 or 4 so for…

I really didn’t notice if its a 3 hr.+ duration, pretty engaging…

Mujhey kub waqt milay ga movies dekhnay ka 😦 Insan itna ghareeb bhi na ho 😦

jab farmaishi geet mala dekhna aur dikhana band ho jaayega. 🙂

watching it on Star ONE again… about to end… leaving one blank about so many things again …

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