Chameli ki Shaadi

Posted on: July 15, 2009

… is a very good time pass for the ones who like light comedy. Watched Amjad Khan in a positive role for the first time & I guess he should have done the likes, more. Everyone’s acted good but the best is chameli herself, kallumal; her father in the movie & PaTThon da ustaad. 🙂
Again, I came across the movie on TV last night but I couldn’t watch it till the end due to posti load shedding. I just finished it watching on youTube. I am pretty kanjoos to spend on other than khana pina & look for free services online always laiken with a broadband connection, I will pay for a membership if youTube asks kabhi.
Here’s part-1… the rest follows automakitally…


2 Responses to "Chameli ki Shaadi"

Hehehehehe! I watched this movie on TV years ago and instantly liked it. You are right it’s a nice time pass movie. Something that doesn’t bore you and whenever I hear a word ‘Chameli’ this movie invariably comes to my mind! 🙂

been enjoying particular scenes again n again though its hard to rate any of them low… 🙂

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