Weekend Masroofiaat …

Posted on: July 20, 2009

It was the hottest weekend of the season, yesterday. I had to take a bath 5 times, sorry for wasting so much water but it was inevitable. Monsieur Azure visited my place as planned. He had to submit the application for DMC in UET laiken he proved to be a posti & forgot bringing along Matric ki DMC. Wonder, why Matric ki DMC is so important. Why not just the last exam’s one.
I was visiting exam branch after quite somtime. As usual, I wished talibans attack on examination branch. One shouldn’t wonder why laiken I was amazed later by the jiddat in bad-dua. Earlier, we would ‘pray’ k koi aasmani bijli girray, koi tayyara giR jaayay etc etc… every visit pe ik naya curse ijaad hota tha especially jin dinon result display hota…

We then decided to roam around UET. As I have been telling that aaj kal summer vacations hain so there were very limited people, mostly the staff. We took pictures for Library Chowk.
Then we came back to my place, did nayyan nayyan (alag alag 🙂 ) & later set off for Lunch & Hyperstar. Azure wanted to buy some chaddiz as well to check the atmosphere. I couldn’t resist to buy the short like chaddi, as a comfortable chaddi is need of the hr. aaj kal in this hawt weather.
By the time I made it back, my friend had returned as well. Bechara has to work on Saturdays too but then he has 9-4 office hrs.
It was really hot on Sunday. Our mess mulazim has left for home for a week, in fact sab mulazimeen so mess is closed too. We ‘l have to go to UET ba nafse-nafees for dinner. We do that occasionally when we don’t like the evening dish. The frequency is 50%. The postiz have kept all the good things in lunch when we happen to be in afas & doing un-thak mehnat. They say that students prefer canteen; the aalo parathaz etc in the evening so lunch’s menu is given importance.
We are visiting Iqbal Hall vali canteen for the last three days, consecutively instead of Mumtaz Hall vali. Mumtaz Hall vali canteen is better in general laiken we wanted a change. The cultus/cutlus bhurjee is good. The maiday vali rotian are difficult to digest so I plan to go for double-rotiz next time. I have already named the combination as Atlo/alto bhurji. The fruitshop’s guy is good but posti, forgets to remove chilkay from aaRo when asked for milkshake.
I must also mention the protest against load shedding as well. It took place around aSr time & they broke sheeshay of 4 new khan buses.

load shedding ihtijaaj

load shedding ihtijaaj

We watched live nazara from top floor of front valay blocks. The good thing was that bijli phir bhi theek nahi hoi.


2 Responses to "Weekend Masroofiaat …"

Lol @ the curse! I too say at times that Taliban should attack the WAPDA office 😀

There are only a few people on the road (in the photo) that is why they failed to register ‘pur zor ihtijaj’. People protested here too but the PESCO people didn’t budge a bit, instead they increased load-shedding hours.

The last few days had been real killer here. It was getting difficult to breathe even and then finally the skies pour here as well. It is quite pleasant with the sky being still all covered in the clouds.

The photo was taken quite later … even the police was done with the danda action. Actually, majority of ihtijajers were on motor bikes. They would come closer to the scene, hit the buses & run away… later when the media folks showed up & increased nafri of police tau they got disappear.
It was hottest sunday perhaps of the season & bijli was playing aankh micholi the whole day, so one could understand the ghussa of people.

Ask the clouds to stay there for long now. BMK do haftay stay ka sharf bakhshnay valay hain. sad that he would be taking complete bed rest & unable to collect the Univ. k jamuns after the rain & taiz havain…

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