Rain Rain Come My Way …

Posted on: July 22, 2009

The weather in Lahore is awesome today. It had been pretty hot for the last couple of weeks but it rained cats, dogs & elephants last night, finally. I just hope that things go downwards mercury wise. Then Ramazan is also there at aglay chowk. Mausam needs to be shaanti vala. I just practiced for the sehRi a while ago while paying regard to the cool mausam. I was able to eat only 1.2 paroonThaz so I need to work hard.

lubly nashta

lubly nashta

I guess I should visit anarkali bazar today & collect the kaPray from tailor. Their card says k they don’t take responsibility for more than 2 months. Its already 1 plus month that they are ready. Vaisay bhi garmion k kapRay garmion mein hee pehnay jayain tau acha hay. It’s very hard to persuade myself for such chores & here only, I wish to not to be so posti. I need to return the kiddy dress as well that I had bought for my bhaanja last month. I am told that despite the fact he is 1.5 saal ka laiken dress uss ko 2 saal k bachon k hee aatay hain. No wonders though jitna usski maan ussay khilati hay. Rustam-e-hind, the 2nd is in the making.


9 Responses to "Rain Rain Come My Way …"

Kitnay mazay kay alg rhe hain Parathay πŸ™‚ …Myri nashtey main Paratahy ki request ko intehai sard mehri se reject kr diya gya he 😦

Kya yad krwa diya aap ne Ramzan bhai ka …. Farz Ebaadaat main sab se mushkil mujhey roza rakhna lagta hae hehehe…. aap ko sehri ki aur mujhey kum khaney ki practice ki zarorat hae πŸ™‚

yeah, they were pretty mazaydaar. aaj phir baarish ho rahi hay aur phir khaanay ka mann kar rahay…

office boy nakhray kar raha hay though, k office mein kaam bahut hay & he is akaila today but I know uss ko line pe kaisay laana hay. juts baarish ruknay dain… πŸ™‚

vaaqi, roza rakhna is difficult agr vaisay hee rakha jaaye jaisay rakhna chaiye… ummeed hay k Allah grace marks se pass kar daingay… πŸ™‚

‘yahan’ bhi kali ghangor ghatain chai hoi hain:-)

cool … u better start readying the things for pakoraz or samosaz… today We practiced for Aftari. yummy pakoray they were…

logon ko motivate karnay k liye, I am trying to upload the image laiken ho nahi raha; neither it allows me to edit.

oh my doogness… its raining here again … lubly … wonder what to have in breakfast today to pay regard to ze good mausam… i love rain, the friendly one… πŸ™‚

just for the record, its raining here in Lahore. It started raining sometime at night when I was sleeping saara jungle baich kay.

me is simply lubing the fantas weather & want to injaaye as long as it lasts…Alhamdu lillah.

The parathas look yummy! And FINALLY it rained here too that is why I am back! πŸ™‚

haan FINALLY… u were being missed … & the stripped Chaddi post so badly needed to get off the scene.
Yes, I am happy about the rain to hit Peshawar as well.
We would want a big fountain installed at your place, agr showing up online is related to rain. πŸ™‚

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