Dillagi 1978

Posted on: July 31, 2009

I have been pretty lucky lately to come across the movies of my taste on cable TV. I got late a bit while getting home yesterday due to the long awaited Anarkali visit. Maghrib ki aza’nain had just started when I enter the compound. I took shower no. 2 of the day & then offered maghrib ki namaz. My friend was home earlier yet the chilled mangoes were spared to my surprise. Since that wasn’t expected so I was delighted to find ’em sahi salamat. I enjoyed the surprised treat of yummy chilled mangoes.
Then, I turned on the TV. Star Gold was already tuned & DILLAGI being shown. I remember watching it some 2/3 weeks earlier too on some channel but I couldn’t complete it till end due to, most probably load shedding. I had ‘joined’ watching it in the middle then as well. It was again half way through. It finished before 10 PM.

I just finished watching the missed part earlier as well on youtube. It’s romantic comedy movie. A Sanskrit teacher (Dharmendar) comes to teach at a school. The chemistry teacher (Hema Malini) doesn’t like his teaching style in the beginning. But he likes her & falls in love and …..

beauty & D-Pa ji

beauty & D-Pa ji

image from:

I loved the music especially the flute work when the movie just starts; while the credits are shown. It’s on manual repeat for the last hr. or so as I have yet to feel lucky & find the mp3 in download able format. You may want listen to the soundtracks here in flash format. Main Kaun Sa Geet Sunaoon is such a catchy tune. Kar Gayi Mast Mujhe is cool too but the quality is pretty poor. I also learned during the search that there are 6 films with the same title.

Here’s part-1 on youtube. Rest follows automatically.


1 Response to "Dillagi 1978"

naja’ne kaise this tune,”mein kaunsa geet suna’oon” came to my mind from no where, this morning.
Listening to it now. Lubly days in Lahore and lubly evergreen tune indeed.

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