Who is Better – FB Poll

Posted on: August 28, 2009

BMK just took this poll on Face Book & here are the results.

Kaanclusions: If sab pakistani use FB tau they could elect a person of their Choice. Its the otherwise case now. jiss k sab se kam vote, he is the President.
BTW, BMK is surprised by Mush being 2nd.
BMK also hopes, He is not breaking the new cyber act … Please let him know to remove the entry in time. šŸ™‚

Who is Better - FB Poll

Who is Better - FB Poll


7 Responses to "Who is Better – FB Poll"

i saw this poll on fb as well, but skipped it coz you know all are crooks except IK-one of my fav cricketer(but he is yet to mature as a politician)

You could have voted for him then… We just need to believe in him as a Politician as well. Sincerity is more important than maturity in PK politics; not that I am negating the importance of the later in General.


I noticed one thing that Pakistani awaam never likes the current President. Never satisfied. How can they be? And yes Imran Khan is the best…

All are crooks and IK is the one who has lost it šŸ˜›

Well, I am just wondering you have 117 unread mails šŸ˜®

I just wish a change & soon….

117 unread mails: I try my best to read all mails by the fans par kia karoon, mein kalla te … šŸ˜›
I have subscribed to this A PHRASE A WEEK since long. I read them when mood ho … some are technology updates by another group.
Let me try now to add the page to this blog. idea!

What’s your email address bmk? and what’s your username at FB?

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