Chowk Diaries – First Ramazan 2008

Posted on: September 1, 2009

Sep. 1st was first of Ramazan also, last year. One of the sehri account went like this.

First Sehri
Posted: Sep 1, 2008 Mon 10:41 pm

The start of Ramazan was fantabulous. I wasn’t expecting that they would sight the chaand. by the formula that each year, folks at my home place starts fasting a day or even two earlier than here… crazy though… for yahan valay or vahan valay 🙂
I just came to know that its their first roza as well today.

anyway, it was such a cool feeling when the breaking news came in the middle of Capital talk. Mufti Muneeb ul Rehman, as usual the most important person… He must be longing for these two moments of the year… 🙂

First sehri was cool too. The closing time in lahore is 5:15 PST. Having set the alarm at 4:45, I woke up at the 2nd bell with an interval of 5 mins. Parathaz & anda channa from mess was already delivered by the attendant beside the bakery stuff by other mates. thank God they had found Cream last night as I couldn’t in the super store in the evneing. It gets short around these days. so asked them to get up quickly as only 15 mins were remaining. I had a jam+cream sandwich & a paratha with cream as well & chai. despite trying to end these things quickly & spare sometime for the fruit, aza’anain shurooh ho gayeen. someone said that it might be the one for folks jo 10 mins pehlay & 10 mins baad roza rakhtay hain so we may carry on. but when I look at the cell phone clock, it was 4:18 (I am not into daylight saving hence old PST)

I was like Dammnn to miss having the Garma on sehri… but koi baat nahi I Iftar time mein dekh laingay.

Then we had a slight behas on the thing that one can carry on eating while aza’n is being given till the end… but last friday in Jummma prayer, the professor sahib clearly mentioned this, that gone are the days when one would have doubt if it’s Sehar or not. Things are digital advanced now & the time is known to everyone & Aza’n is always given when the Sehri time is over. Therefore no eating as the Azan starts…


11 Responses to "Chowk Diaries – First Ramazan 2008"

Cream andaa sandwich and then paratha cream… goodness…..and regretting for garma as well

Is it your little stomach of human or stomach of camel .. :O

I had thoRa thoRa sab kuch. apna aftar bhool gayee day-b4-yesterday vala. 🙂

Now, let me update that this Year BMK has fwded. the clock & following the DLS time.

also BMK has yet to see garma around this year. time tau aa gaya hay … 😮

yup garma is available in market …i had before ramadan…

but that ifatari was for whole family, not for single person… 😛

I live to eat actually & not eat to live … 🙂

BTW, all the above was not only for BMK as well.

:O live to eat…… giant fatty human…… 😀

yup friend party would be there to share yours

Oopsy! Ate and drank through out the aza’n today! But every doing’s sawab or gunaah are based on our intentions, so there wasn’t anythin wrong with mine. Anyways thanks for sharing this bit of news about aza’n.

PS. Take Dahi and Parathaa for Sehri. Sunaa hai we get less thirsty by takin these…

Lalli, paratha does the otherwise to what Dahi, I guess. Anyway, we will have limited choices if paratha is excluded from Sehri’s menu. Also ParonTha has pivotal importance in Sahri or Nashta.

This above is last year’s entry. I too forgot about the Azan thing in shurooh k kuch rozay this yr… but i guess the professor sb (DHA Masjid Chowk valay, a very good scholar) makes sense. Azan takes place when its already fajR. Therefore we should be careful.

Aaj kal tau mein GEO timings ko follow karta hoon. They are petty accurate.

Hehehehe! I remember this entry.

I am sure they\’d screw up Eid dates once again.

Yes, it is quite common to carry on eating/drinking through out Azan(s).

I think that is not fine!

Aap k vazir-e-a’la saab ne EID & Rozay, Saudi Arab k saath synchronize karnay ki tajveez di hay … they want to set connections too, perhaps. 🙂
btw, I wonder k vazir-e-alaa saab hotay kahan hain … The rest of the 3 CMs have been IN in the News off & On magar hoti sb….

Hehehehe! Yes, read that in the paper. Well, is Islamabad closer to us or Saudi Arabia for following Eid and the 1st Roza? 🙂

ba’nkay mian on HOTI sb & EID saudi arab k saath. 🙂

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