Lailat-ulQadar ki Fazeelat

Posted on: September 11, 2009



The dilemma at my end is that my ODD becomes EVEN for folks in Lahore as I have started fasting with folks in Peshawar. I was at home then & there they started fasting a day earlier. hum pakistanion k naseeb mein ODD & EVEN ki facility nahi hay & we need to pray all the 10 nights to find Lailat-ul-Qadar.


11 Responses to "Lailat-ulQadar ki Fazeelat"

BMK it’s blured and can’t be read, cant you scan it in high resolution?

Ok, I have uploaded to wordpress library now. It’s clearer in IE than in Firefox.

nice blog… i added you to my electrifying blogroll.your blog is really are welcome to have some electric shocks there….

belkum Hasan to bmkdaat. Have some chai shai or thanda garam with us on Bongi Khana as well.
I can see there quite familiar faces already in line to be electrified……cool. πŸ™‚

That is our dilemma too. We will never get to know the true 1st of Ramadan and then proper odd nights of the last 10 fasts.

But it was a nice reminder nonetheless. Thanks for the post! πŸ™‚

JazakAllah for the post, I realised I I go straight to bongi khana when I come to your blog!!

InshaAllah will explore soon


oh well, at times I try to make-up for the bongiz … will refer to this when Allah Mian asks me about my online activities. πŸ˜›


MashaAllah you always cheer me. how can you have such an imposing and afecting sense of humour:D

Allah Kare Aadil Rore par bhi kuch asar ho:D

taso da pikhawar ye?

Allah apko apne aman main rakhay, ameen.

BMK khush hovay @ lubly comments. :blush:

BMK’s roots go to the Tribal Belt whereas stem to Peshawar, branches to Abbottabad, Leaves to Lahore. BMK ne ibtidai ta’leem ga’on mein haasil ki, mazeed schooling & colleging k liye abbottabad challay gaye … a’la ta’leem k liye Lahore tashreef le aaye. aaj kal bhi lahore hee mein barsar-e-rozga’r hain…

Thanks alot for the prayer. I must also tell that your presence around is really delightful. stay around!!!

Biography of BMK…… πŸ˜€

Alhamdolillah seems from Peskhawar too…..

Thanks for sharing these great information. Nice blog.

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