Abbottabad – down the memory lane

Posted on: October 9, 2009

Just came across this beautiful piece about the lovely city Abbottabad by its founder. I also spent 6 golden years of my life in a boarding school called Abbottabad Public School. It was “& College” too then. It’s still from 7th till 12th grade; perhaps they just removed the word ‘College’ because it actually means higher grade than the 12th, abroad. I will talk about APS&C later in detail insha Allah & post the fresh pictures too, I found online today. I have been spending the last 7/8 hours in 1994-2000 & intend to spend few more while reading things by old abbottonians on My feelings’ been similar but same to the below as we saw the populated Abbottabad. Hence less snow & all…. I haven’t read a more beautiful tribute to a place than this.

I remember the day when
I first came here
And smelt the sweet Abbottabad air
The trees and the ground
covered with snow
Gave us indeed a brilliant show
To me the place seemed like a dream
And far ran a lonesome stream
The wind hissed as if welcoming us
The pines swayed creating a lot of fuss
And the tiny cuckoos sang it away
A song very melodious and gay
I adored the place from the first sight
And was happy that my coming
here was right
And eight good years have passed very soon
And we leave you perhaps on a sunny noon
Oh! Abbottabad we are leaving you now
To your natural beauty do I bow
Perhaps your winds will never
reach my ears
My gift for you is sad tears
I bid you farewell with a heavy heart
Never from my mind will
your memories thwart

Maj James Abbott, c 1853


18 Responses to "Abbottabad – down the memory lane"

The photos were great. Now I know why you miss it so much 🙂
I wish I had same feelings for my school.
I like Abbotabad. Used to visit it a lot in kidhood!

used to visit a lot … in which connection if I may ask?

I also found the manzoom tarjama of above poem in one of the issues. & a similar poem by Ahmad Faraz. Will be posting them soon.

There is much more besides the breathtaking beauty of the place; a mini world. I strongly believe now that one must go or send kids to a boarding school once in life. I doubt, the posti parents I see around can transfer half the things to their kids as many they learn there.

Thats why I always say I missed a lot by not going to boarding school 😦
We had relatives there so we would go there in summers.

Nice BMK….Abbottabad is must alovely place….

it seems lightening little bulbs on hills at the nite time when people use to turn on light in their home,….
Twinkling…………. 🙂

Yes CU. You reminded a fantabulous nazara. It feels really cool to watch them. This is for all hill stations.

but Abbottabad has different view…i m sure u have been in Ilyasi Masjid and tasted its Pakora ………. 🙂

Yes, being cup shaped differentiate it from others … I have been to Ilyasi Masjid. Don’t remember the Pakoraz though.

btw, khanay pinay ki jaghon ka aap ko baRa pata hay. 🙂

Lolz….no asked you cause u r fond of eating…. 😀

Ilyasi Masjid and it’s CHASHMA….
and its Hill top…. 🙂

I’ve been to ilyasi masjid. The water was so cold 😈

And there was a corny hoarding hung there saying don’t take crap there. I found that statement quite crass 😀

Did eat the pakoras there… and ‘waggay’ on shimla pahari.

Gosh, what’s ‘waggay’ called in English? 😐

Corn “Waggay” hehhehehe….

yum yum Ilaysi masjid pakora….. 😛

You remind me the days that i spent in ayub medical college, abbotabad is surely heaven on earth…i love it.

yes, Ayub Medical College is such a wonderful place, esp. the northern road.

Great poem. I like it.

Ah!!! So you studied in APS. God, they were considered such royalty in Abbottabad.

Zoos, first of all, belkum to bmkdot & then sorry for the ‘quick’ response.

well yes, I had the privilege, alhamdu-lillah to attend APS. Those 6 years are no doubt the best of my life. Yes, cried a lot for home in the beginning as everyone does with few exceptions. : )
wonder how do YOU relate yourself to abbottabad, belongs to there or ?!?

Thank you :P~

And I was born, lived, studied there :p~. Burn Hall was your rival school. Hehe.

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The sweet childhood and adolescent memories etched in my mind. No matter where I live or belong, like its morning due and fragrant breeze, the memories of the town shall always remain fresh in my thoughts and I shall always treasure the most memorable times I had spent in Abbottabad.

And I remember, you were perhaps the first one to comment on my introductory post on Abbottabad, when I started writing at ‘our old den’ a couple of years ago.

Abbottabad is indeed fabulous!

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