Posted on: January 15, 2010

quite someetime in a new post so here it comes … not a Wappy one this time just like it doesn’t wappen in real life too. things have been in routine lately. 15 days gone already w.r.t 2010 … forgot my cell phone at home yesterday while leaving for work. was pretty concerned at the start of the day but realized in the evening that I didn’t miss it much. maybe due to the work place phone availability. I needed to call home in psh & learned that I didn’t remember the no. I did remember the PTCL one but we have already disconnected that. so I better memorize the important phone numbers …

khair, the unwappy thing is earthquake news in Haiti. didn’t know about this place earlier. the details have been really sad. reminds the Oct. 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. I was in Lahore then. I still have the fear with me & at times suddenly wake up at night … am just imagining the fear & feelings of close ones to the center & who were actually affected.

The strange thing with natural disaster is that you find no one to complaint it too about … real tough, compulsory questions God wants us to solve …

Very good to learn about EDHI donating 5 hundred thousand USD. I will be insha Allah donating too, via them. Just remember, little as a ‘paisa’ counts too; to the ones at receiving end. Perhaps human being is allowed & supposed to fight Nature, only.
There are other ways too, to welp.


5 Responses to "HAITI EARTHQUAKE"

That was quite tragic! Hope the nation soon stands up on it’s feet. Reminded me of the Kashmir ’05 earthquake!

Assalam o alaikum all,

I have made a new blog. Hope you will all join me there.

Wa salam AA, good to see you alive & kicking.

lets see how long the Jazba-e-imaani lasts … 🙂

We already donated from our School, Masjid the place I work… Canada is the largest in amount help Alhamdulliah.

cool … lub the down-to-earth-ness of Canada …

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