Status Update & EID preps.

Posted on: September 5, 2010

Hello Postiz, hope everyone is doing well. missing eberybuddy. Being away for quite sometime, I just thaaght to update the status. WordPress valay postiz kaheen mera deserted blaag delete he na kar de. : )

Hope, Ramazan is going great & you folkies are making most out of it. I am not in full hibernation and do peek into your blogs, twitter & Facebook etc once a while. Actually the new project that I bizited Kiranchi for earlier, has been keeping me bery donkey & occupied. KonmpRy bahadur has just started operations in Lawhore. There are a lot of things that I have to take care of; yes, mein bhi kaam karta hon ab.

Rest, my Ramazan is going good, I would say. Couldn’t do much of the ibadat as intended. : would have skipped namaz-e-taraveeh twice or thrice; left in the middle too, ik ya do dafa. Alhamdulillah, just missed only one Sehri unlike the 3 or 4 dafa as last year. I had had one Sehri, an hr. later than azan-e-fajR, thinking if its 3:48 AM whereas it was 4:48 AM, actually. Thank God, I realized that when I was half done, otherwise bootha avsoos hona tha, : )

Nowadays, I am anxiously waiting for EID-ul-Fitr; bery excited about biziting home. I have been already discussing the last Sehri, Aftari & Eid menu with Ammi.
Shaggy Kid may find it girlie but I would lub to tell that I received my Eid joRaz last beek. Can’t wait to put them on for Eid ki namaz. : )
I have also bought choRia’n for homies this time; the golden ones. Lahore se Mithyai & coconut biscoots bhi le k jaonga as homies like it bery much. Also, I will be giving Eidi to the kid folks therefore asked a friend to arrange fresh notoa’n di kaapiz. Hope he does that somehow.
I have set reminder to collect the bus ticket in advance otherwise bahut rush hoga.

What What you folkies have been doing & also updato about your Eid preparations.

oh han, let me update that I have got the BB smartphone, finally. : ) laiken ab masla ye hay k quite many social networking services on BB are still suspended by posti PTA. I did download the BB twitter application last night but it wouldn’t let me SIGN-IN. Same case with FB too though I am not active much, there.


6 Responses to "Status Update & EID preps."

Its a pleasant surprise to see your blog updated when I visited it after eons πŸ™‚

Good to see you still exist, somewhere else if not in the virtual world that you were thriving in, a few months back :p

My eid ki tayyariaN are almost the same; eid kay kapRay are stitched; kids kay liay shopping completed and hopefully Tuesday ko bhagnay ki tayyariaN jari.

Have a good time, posti! Do inform us of the latest of your long list of the ‘wannabe crushes’ :p

Will talk to you on eid, phir bhi Eid Mubarak in Advance! πŸ™‚

Wah ji wah…ji aayaan nu. Buhat dair ki meherbaan aatay aatay… πŸ™‚

Hope you are doing great Insha-Allah. So you still in Karachi or you back in Lahore? And Eid kahan kernay ka plan hai? Me done with my Eid preps without even preparing for it… Jab Karachi se aana hota tha tab shopping etc kerta tha for kids, but now no shopping…

Stay blessed buddy. Stay safe, and keep updating your blaag πŸ˜›

Woah! =) Good that you have finally recovered postipan πŸ˜›

And mashAllah. ‘Someone’ has many plans for eid =) May this eid and upcoming all days be a source of happiness, enlightenment and good memories for you, Ameen.

Bless thee =)

PS: You’re on FB? o.O

Thank You all; Aey-diL, Haris & Spotty. Hope everyone had a very good time on Eid-ul-Fitr.

Fanx for Eid-Mubarak text, Aey-diL. The list of latest crushes’ been updated. waito a bit. : )

Haris, I have been in La.hore for the last 2/3 months now. Celebrated Eid in Peshawar with Monsieur Qasim Ali khan masjid folks. πŸ™‚

Spotty, fanx a lot for the lubly prayer. yes, I am a passive user of FB. Look for the wittle bunny out there & add me or let me know your addy. Would lub to see your masroofia’t there. : )

i hope your eid prep and time went good with family, LMAO on Monsieur Qasim ali khan folks comment, kher manao i am going to tell this to Mufti Muneeb πŸ˜› scorpioyas blog post coming soon on that matter πŸ˜‰

Wonderful …..

So you finally your Manager caught you….. πŸ˜‰ Long masroofiat list

Kitney jorey banaye…..and kitni Eidi banti……khud ko kitni Eidi milli…..

Maa ji would definatly be very happy happy on seing her Bunny…. πŸ˜€

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