Is there any Limit of Baighairti ?!?

Posted on: March 18, 2011

I do admit being a baigharat and have been receiving US Aid and everything, yet protesting….. That’s a fact, though open to debate whether my personal consent is there or not. But lately, I have just been wondering about the limit of baighairti since the super baighairats (ISI, Army, Panjab, Central Govts.; PeeMLs, Pee-Pee-Pee and perhaps Judiciary) have let go Raymond Davis, the CIA’s contractor.

I guess, it’s not the time for wondering anymore, but to ACT. The least I am doing today is taking a short leave to make sure a presence in the protest against the super baighairti… I expect the same from every individual. There is no need to wait for others, just play your own role and importantly, in a responsible manner. Hopefully, you will see the magic one day insha-Allah when we believe in ourselves; the tiny little efforts on every individual’s end. This blog entry after ages is one such little effort too. Sad that majority of Postiz like me, often discard such thoughts so easily k iss se kya hoga. At least you would be able to sleep, having no armaan that you did nothing. In time before, God forbid, you or I am at the receiving end DIRECTLY. We do are already at the receiving end, indirectly.

BTW, I have no problem with the affected families, receiving Blood money or whatever. That was their right. Although they could have practiced that right in a much better way, while taking care of the public sentiments as well. I am not developing an opinion till the detail is public as I’m not sure about the circumstances in which all that happened.

I am just disappointed in the soooo open willingness of everyone in Power (ISI, Army, Panjab, Central Govt. and Judiciary) to let Raymond Davis go. We have been watching these bastards, being exposed on separate occasions. But this is one such incident that all are exposed together. They will never hesitate to sell you anytime.


8 Responses to "Is there any Limit of Baighairti ?!?"

BMK my man, the Daddy is the Daddy after all. Gotta be careful with the Daddy…

gotta be careful EVEN when the ‘Daddy’ treats the ‘Mother’ in worst possible manner? :/

I don’t believe that poor families accepted the bloodmoney of 20 Crore…
so dead we are….

Never saw you rant like this o_o

Anyway, that’s an old issue. Several other things occurred since then such as we lost against India and hence, our dream of reaching final (yet again) dashed. Bomb blasts are still going on and to be honest life is moving on.

Not commenting on the issue because we already beat it to death.

Well you mean we should make some slogans and after that sleep while putting pillow on our heads ?? Thats what we do !

No limit 😀

And yes I am back to blogging now 😀
hope you would like my our new blogsite

Assalamoalaikum, I would agree with what you wrote, bhai… Although I’m unaware of all the details for now …

Hope you’re doing well … I’m trying to rise from the dead …

Allah ke hawalay..

Baigariti has no end here in Pakistan I guess !! Don’t you think the end of baigariti will take Pakistan at a very high position. And it will occur but I can’t see it happening now ! I guess it is a long way to go ! Anyway we can just pray….Love your writings and your blog !

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