Bongi Khana

Bongi Khana is back Guys. You are welcome to say any posti thing on your mind & don’t care about who thinks what. 🙂


239 Responses to "Bongi Khana"

LOLZ @BMK…. look who is saying what…???
Paitoo also knows to cook… 😀
Muttor in chicken karahi :O **ye kon c karahi hai, bang my head against pillow***

agreed n anyways bongi kahana starts with u 🙂

Bongi khana seemed to have moved to twitter (unofficially) 🙂

^ Agreed 😛


deserted place. 🙂

O_0 Bongi Khana has become Haunted Khana…. 😛

that is so true.. gather every one here again 🙂

Is this a chat kinda thing ?? =\

What happened to this Bongi Khana?

Belated Eid Mubarak to BONGI KHANA though it has become SLEEPOO KHANA…. 😀 😛

Err err. Ahem ahem :p
Ping pong everyone *innocent smiley*

Kaa haal hai sab ka? *scratches head*

ap sab batao? Whazzzup?

@ faahd naeem Yes it is actually a corner to make bongi the way u want 🙂
@ yaseer have lost its importance
@ CU_PU_TU same to u
@ shagufta sb ka to nhe pata I m fine 🙂
@BMK who is not seen anywhere *** wake up***********

hellloo everyone princess back to bongi khanaa yahan to full ronaq wid shugal bhiiiiii misssu alll

Bhoot Khana! 🙂

cent percent agreed with Ayesha…

Not necessarily , let’s bring in some living people in here …

AOA.. Alhamdolillah… how r u doing and what’s up….. long time??? 🙂

me gud
where is every one
why there is so khamoshi over here

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